Mohali Full Song Lyrics by Ravneet & Joda Deol

Mohali Punjabi Song Lyrics: Guys, Mohali is the latest Punjabi song by Ravneet which is now published on the internet. We are here providing you the lyrics of the latest song release named Mohali. The singer of the song is Ravneet who is also staring in it. The location of the video is placed in Paris. The song is now available on the internet. We are here providing you with the lyrics of the song. Below in the article, you can have the lyrics of the song as well as the video with the description. Joda Deol is the lyricist of the song who give his words for it. The song is featuring Ravneet. Check the lyrics of the song in the article given below.

Ravneet Mohali Full Song Lyrics 2019

  • Song-Mohali
  • Singer-Ravneet
  • Lyrics-Joda Deol
  • Music-Brar Saab
  • Video Directer-Manjeet Khosa-Jass Cheema

Mohali Complete Song Lyrics by Ravneet 2019

shnael nu vi paundi maat ni…
tere pinde di fragrance nare

ni tiffany di pavein ring tuin…
ehi reason e pende ne pwade

o akkh teri jhoot bolldi…

o akkh teri jhoot bolldi
velli battna mkhaule kar hassda

ho lakk naal mohali hillda…
ho pubb chakkdi lahore, dilhi nacchda (x3)

ho naughty aa smile goriye…
seduce kardi e teri toor ni
ho makkhni ji toor goriye
uttoin jhangrain mchaundian ne shor ni
sonh lagge ban houga…

dekkhi chall ban houga
aa jehda paya kokka tere nakk da

ho lakk naal mohali hillda…
ho pubb chakkdi lahore, dilhi nacchda (x3)

babby tain usa toin mangondi aan
gehne tere range wale ne jo paundi aan
gallan laggdian sabe(apple) kashmir da
bolla naal fullain nu vi maat pauni aan

gall fit e te, jim di freak ve
lakk agge down ho jane weak ve

Sidhu siddha da vi jhamela e

guhdi paa lai tere naal preet ve (x2)

ho pauye jidde pawan heel mein
ho kanni jhumke jo karde ishare
chadd hathiaar jabbru
fadi khade ne gulab hun sare

ho sihuan da munda goriye…

ho sihuan da munda goriye
neena nillian nashilian ne patt ta

ho lakk naal mohali hillda
ho pubb chakkdi lahore, dilhi nacchda (x3

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