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Issaqbaazi Song Lyrics – Zero Movie by Sukhwinder Singh

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Issaqbaazi Lyrics by Sukhwinder Singh – Zero Movie

On this 21st December, another big film by Shahrukh khan is coming. SRK is return with his new movie Zero. Two songs of this movie are released- Mere Naam Tu by Abhay Jodhpurkar and Issaqbaazi by Sukhwinder Singh and Divya Kumar. The music is given by Ajay-Atul. In this article you can read Issaqbaazi 2018 Song Lyrics which are sung by Sukhwinder Singh. Divya Kumar is also a part of this amazing song. Zero movie is directed by Anand L. Rai. The stars of Zero are Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.

  • Song Name – Issaqbaazi
  • Singer – Sukhvinder Singh and Divya Kumar.
  • Movie – Zero.
  • Music Director – Ajay-Atul.
  • Release date – 21 December 2018.

Issaqbaazi 2018 Song Lyrics by Zero Movie

SRK’s wife Gauri Khan is the producer of this upcoming hit film. Lots of fans of Shahrukh Khan are waiting for this Bollywood movie. Issaqbaazi song is on the trending among people in India. If you want to sing this song then you can check here Issaqbaazi Lyrics 2018 by Zero Movie.

Isaqbaazi Song Lyrics Download | Sukhwinder Singh | Zero Movie

Prem na upje khet mein
Bhainya prem bike na haat re
Par jab jab yeh ho jaaye
Lag jaati hain vaat re, vaat re
Khadi ho jayegi khaat re

Madua pee ke prem ka hum
Hainn tanik bauraye se
Re woh mashooka, yaar hum hain
Beech na koyi aaye re

Ho uske naina neat daru
Se ghazab chadh jaaye re
Ho tab se hamri woh jab se
Jag mein aashiq aaye re

Kasam se, dharam se
Kasam se jiyara chakna chor hain
Isaqbaazi se
Kasam se jiyara chakna chor hain
Ishqbaazi se
Kasam se jiyara chakna chor hain
Isaqbaazi se

Ho tum ka jaano preet ki chidiya
Kaun gagan mein udti hain
Preet hamari parchhayi hain
Jahan mudein hum mudti hain

Ho lag jaibe hain tej katari
Badi zor se seene mein
Dard bada ho tabahi aave hain
Bada maza jeene mein

Ho uska hamra mel anokha
Uska hamra mel anokha
Woh lehar hum paani hainn
Tum ho paani hum kinara
Lehar hum tak aani hain

Zero Movie Song Issaqbaazi Full Lyrics 2018

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